Smarter Content with a Dynamic Semantic Publishing Platform

Learn how semantic technologies make any content intelligent and turn it into revenue for your publishing business

Smarter Content with a Dynamic Semantic Publishing PlatformThere is a smarter, cost-effective way for publishers to create, maintain and reuse content assets with higher accuracy. It is called dynamic semantic publishing.

Putting Semantic Technologies at Work for the Publishing Industry

An efficient blend of semantic technologies, dynamic semantic publishing enables powerful experiences when it comes to publishers’ main stock of trade: processing and representing information.

Converting Content Into Revenue With a Dynamic Semantic Publishing Platform

With dynamic semantic publishing you can build a rich ecosystem of interactively linked objects (e.g. texts, videos, infographics, audio files), which can assemble automatically, depending on the context, the history and the personal profile of the reader. Relying on and producing rich metadata, a dynamic semantic publishing platform also brings the benefits of:

  • automated dynamic content aggregation
  • improved navigation between linked content
  • complex searches
  • ad hoc custom content streams creation
  • cost-effective content reuse and repurposing

Maintaining attractive environments for more engaged audiences

In a world of constant connectivity and ever more interconnected and demanding readers, a dynamic semantic publishing platform takes good care of your content assets and helps you use them as building blocks for immersive environments to invite audiences in and better address their needs.

Download Smarter Content with a Dynamic Semantic Publishing Platform and learn how semantic technologies turn content into smart data pieces and enhance its production, delivery and distribution.

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This white paper focuses on the business benefits of having a dynamic semantic publishing platform and the importance of using semantic enrichment to enhance content production and management, while decreasing time and costs of authoring and editing content.


Outlining the semantic technologies behind dynamic semantic publishing, the paper will show you how exactly content turns into smart data pieces. You will also learn what to consider when deciding on a dynamic semantic architecture.