Dynamic News Publishing - Heavy-Lifting of Organizing and Categorizing Information

Ontotext Semantic News Publishing is the basis of our solutions in news & media publishers. It is a specialisation of our semantic publishing technology stack with three main extensions:
  • A carefully blended semantic database based on DBpedia and WikiData
  • Personalization engine used for recommending related content based on context and user behaviour
  • Semantic fingerprinting of content and users through automatic tagging with concepts, topics and relations

Semantic News Publishing Solutions Include:

  • An extensive semantic database as a starting point
  • Automatic enrichment of content with tags, concepts, relationships and topics (so called semantic fingerprinting) through extracting “known” and “new” concepts and links
  • Dynamically aggregated topic and profile pages of entities
  • The capture of popularity trends over time
  • Associations of entities based on mentions in the same context
  • Semantic search capabilities
  • What the article is about and which articles are related to it
  • The capture of user actions to drive personalized recommendations and landing pages
  • Contextual Authoring – get related content and data as you type
  • Continuous curation feedback to control and improve the quality and focus of the text analytics