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The Ontotext Insights Platform was built to address very specific domain needs within the life sciences and healthcare industries. The platform offers all required component to build a system that will be capable to analyze huge amount of unstructured information and extract useful knowledge locked in the documents; to semantically integrate it together with relevant public and in-house generated data; to provide multiple mechanisms to explore it as a Linked Data. Ontotext Insight Platform dramatically reduces the time it takes to discover relevant content using a unique blend of linked open data integration, knowledge base of terms, contextual text mining and semantic search.

Ontotext Insights Platform will help you:

  • Develop semantic solutions for better data exploration aggregating information from both internal and public data sources;
  • Unlock the knowledge hidden in legacy systems which remains unused because it could not be identified;
  • Semantic data fusion across data silos which maps identical and semantically related entities;
  • Tune the semantic search to maximize the access to the data based on the data loaded and what your users need to find;
  • Define different views over data optimized for different user groups;
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